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Coffee Connections Announced for 2018

District citizens are invited to join B-C-S Superintendent Guy Parmigian and Treasurer Cajon Keeton to attend a district coffee. Coffees provide an informal opportunity to introduce yourself, chat, ask questions, and learn more about the B-C-S school system and where we are heading. All district citizens are invited to attend. There are no reservations needed, and there is no cost to attend.


Below is a listing of the dates/times/locations of Coffee Connections:

October 17 - Happy Hour at noon

November 13 - McDonald's at 8:30 AM

December 5 - Blackberry at 11:30 AM

Contact the Board Office at 898-6210 if you have any questions.

Halloween In The Halls is BACK!

We are so excited to announce that Halloween in the Halls is back for the 2nd year and will take place on Thursday, October 25th at OHHS from 6 - 7:30 PM!

This family fun event is for any children age: infant - 6th-grade, please be sure all little ghouls and boys are accompanied by an adult.

Please join us for a FREE safe and warm trick or treating event with candy, games and more!


Important Upcoming Dates

October 15
NO SCHOOL--Professional Development Day for Teachers
October 26
End of the 1st 9 Weeks Grading Period

District Overview Calendar

2018-2019 District Calendar (Click Here)


Important School Calendar Information:

School delays are typically decided by 6:00 AM while school closures are decided by 8:00 AM.  

There is much talk on the news lately about the switch from a days-based to an hours-based school calendar.  B-C-S is on an hours-based calendar.  As you can see from the calendar this school year and the ones for the upcoming school years, we still make up calamity days beyond five just as we did under the days-based calendar.  The switch from a days-based to an hours-based calendar has not impacted most people; the switch impacts staff responsible for state reporting and student attendance.   Along these lines, I was recently asked by a newspaper if the switch from days to hours impacts the decisions about delay or closure of school, and the answer is that the switch has absolutely no impact on these important decisions.


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Oak Harbor High School Ranked 65 out of 1200

Oak Harbor High School has been ranked 65 out of 1200 high schools in the State of Ohio based on its performance on 2017 state testing.  The rankings were recently released by the website  Oak Harbor High School was also recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top tier high schools in the United States. 
Superintendent Guy Parmigian commented: "I am very proud of the staff and students of Oak Harbor High School, and the systematic and diligent efforts of all staff members working together to provide exceptional, rigorous, and relevant learning opportunities to all students.  Mrs. Schell and her staff continue the work of setting and meeting high expectations, and it is great to see their efforts paying off!"