What is SmartMusic:

SmartMusic is a new, exciting way to practice and perform! This excerpt from the SmartMusic website explains more:

"This interactive, computer-based practice system helps students get better faster, and makes practicing more fun! With amazing accompaniments for more than 30,000 titles, challenging exercises, and the ability to record personal CD's, SmartMusic is the future of music learning."

The Oak Harbor Bands will be using SmartMusic this year to help students practice and continue to improve their skills. While the purchase of this software is not required, it is highly encouraged, as all playing assignments will be assigned and completed through the SmartMusic software. For more information, keep reading below.

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The Benefits of SmartMusic:

SmartMusic provides students a way to make practicing more fun! By bringing the sounds of the bandroom to the computer at home (SmartMusic plays all of the other instrument parts), students can practice along with "the band" any time they want. By practicing with SmartMusic, students have a greater understanding of how their parts fit in with the whole.

SmartMusic also has the ability to record and grade students on certain playing assignments. These assignments are posted automatically to the teacher's online gradebook. Giving students instant feedback and assessment at home makes their time more productive, prevents them from practicing a part incorrectly, and provides constant encouragement.

The SmartMusic software includes over 30,000 accompaniments and over 50,000 exercises and scales. This is the largest musical library in the world, right at the tip of your fingers!

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How to get SmartMusic:

You can sign up for  SmartMusic today by going to:


Check it out and begin having more fun practicing!