What is the ACT?
A standardized exam that measures your knowledge and skills in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science. It also measures your educational development (abilities) and identifies academic strengths and weaknesses.

Who should take the ACT?
Students who plan on attending a 4-year college or university.

When is the best time to take the ACT?
To maximize your test results, it is advised to take the ACT in the spring of your Junior year . This would include the February, April and June test dates.

How many ACT scores are needed?
Many students choose to test at least twice in hopes of raising their scores. ACT research shows that of the students who took the test more than once:
55% increased their composite score
22% had no change in their composite score
23% decreased their composite score

How can you prepare for the ACT?
Free practice tests can be found at:
www.mystudentedge.com (Access code: FBNHERLG)

How do you register to take the ACT?
Register online at www.actstudent.org
Please be aware of registration deadlines
All students should take the Writing portion of the test once

Where should you send your score reports?
You will automatically receive a copy of your scores
Use the code 363900 to have a copy sent to Oak Harbor High School
Use the code 9999 to have your scores sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse if you plan on participating in Division I or II college athletics
List any colleges you would like your scores sent to, codes are found online. Be aware that Ohio State (code: 3312) and Miami University (code: 3294) REQUIRE you to have your scores sent to them directly from the ACT company if you plan to apply.

Ohio Graduation Test (OGT)

Use the following links to help prepare for the Ohio Graduation Tests.

Study Island
Learn about an on-line OGT tutorial program complete with test questions and review games to help prepare students for the tests.

Ohio Department of Education
Official Site of the Ohio Education Department with information about the Ohio Graduation Tes

OGT Success Site
Student, Parent, and Teacher practice tests

New site with test prep questions and answers

OGT Full Length Practice Tests
For each subject area complete with the answer keys

OGT Half Length Practice Tests
For each subject area complete with the answer keys

OGT Workbooks
In the middle of this page are workbooks for each section of the OGT that you can download to use for practice purposes.