Buy that special someone a flower for Valentine’s Day.  Order your flowers at lunch until February 9th for $2.00 each.  The flowers will be delivered on Valentine’s Day




Second quarter Honor Roll is posted on the Guidance office windows, please look and see if your name is included.  If it is not and you believe it should be, check with Mr. Ramsey or Mrs. Coffman.





National Honor Society is collaborating with Oak Harbor DECA and will be having a paper drive for Ruth Ann’s house and Lighthouse sober living.  Ruth Ann’s house is a battered woman and children shelter.  Lighthouse sober living is a house for recovering addicts.  Both serve Ottawa County Residents.  Along with paper products, DECA would appreciate also donating toilette’s such as laundry detergent, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cleaning supplies and men’s soap and shampoo.




Attention students, Oak Harbor will be hosting 17 teams for the Middle School SBC Wrestling Tournament on Saturday,   If you have a locker in the Boys and Girls Varsity locker room, the high school and 8th grade PE locker rooms you will need to remove anything you have in it by the end of the day today.




Seniors: in less than two weeks, you will be given detailed information about how to apply for more than 80 local scholarships! You will attend a meeting in the auditorium Feb 15 to learn about the process, but be prepared for several local scholarship opportunities coming up!