Today is the deadline to get your senior sibling picture taken.  If you have not done so, please make sure to talk to Mrs. Gilbert about a time to take it.




During the school day the only students who are allowed to use the PE, Swim & Varsity locker rooms are students attending their assigned  PE class.  Students may drop off PE or practice clothes before or after school but at no other time should a student be in these unsupervised locations during the school day.  Students who are found in locker rooms without permission with receive school discipline.




The food pantry drive is in full swing and will continue until next Tuesday, December 11th. At this time, Mr. Schulte's Freshmen are in the lead with 210 points, Mr. Lance and the Juniors are in second with 143 points. Mr. Yoder's 8th grade students are currently in third with 73 points. Mr. Slagle's seniors have 31 points and Mr. May's Sophomores have not posted any points to the board yet!




Auditions for Footloose: The Musical are going to be extended to as late as needed next Wednesday. Please check the auditorium doors to sign up! If you are unable to sign up for one of the existing slots, or if you have any questions about the audition process, please find Ms. Tucker or Mr. Head.