The American Cultural Exchange Service is looking for homes for foreign exchange students for next school year.  If you or your family are interested in potentially housing a foreign exchange student next school year, please see one of the counselors for more information.  




Fellow Rockets, last Monday NHS gathered you in the auditorium and asked you to FIND IT IN YOUR HEART to FILL YOUR HEART, for the Ronald McDonald house and did you ever.   In 5 days you alone donated $1196.74 which will be donated directly to The Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati in memory of Isaac Magoto and in honor of the Magoto family.  We will report in one more time with a FINAL GRAND TOTAL once late arriving donations from staff and community are all tallied. Thank you for coming together and showing your support for such a worthy cause and family.

The class winning the preferred seating and snack at the talent show donated a whopping $310.63.  This class beat out the 2nd place finishers by a margin of ONLY 96 CENTS!

The prize of front section seating and SCHELL COOKIES at the talent show in May goes to…


Final standings are:  

  1.   12th grade= $310.63
  2.   8th grade= $309.67
  3.   10th grade= $204.38
  4.   9th grade =  $192.93
  5.   11th grade = $179.63

Regardless of where your class placed, it gives NHS great pride to see that every class surpassed their goal of raising $100. It’s good to be a Rocket!