Monday, November 11th, Mr. Lance and our senior class officers will be holding a Veteran's Day assembly starting at 2:15 PM.  Students are encouraged to invite a current or retired service member to this assembly to be recognized.   Please sign up your guest in the front attendance office if you would like to have your guests attend and receive recognition.




Congratulations to Jaylie Rollheiser and Taylor Lenke for winning their division in the Sub-District Job Interview Contest last night.  Good luck at the District competition next week!




Friendly rule reminder: Students are to remain in lunch the entire period unless they have permission from one of the cafe teachers' supervising or they have a pass to give to the teacher's supervising.  Students found in other locations will be considered truant and should be referred to the office.




Attention National Honor Society APPLICANTS-

NHS selection results will begin to be emailed to you this weekend.  All results will be sent no later than Monday evening.  Please check your school email beginning Saturday for an email from Ms. Dougherty.  




Varsity girls soccer uniform return will be Thursday at 3:00 in the cafeteria.  Voting for MVP, Defensive Player of the year, and Offensive Player of the year will also be done at that time.




Rockets, we've heard from students how much your anxiety has increased with school pressures and social media. The more you’re able to practice mindfulness in the classroom and at home, the more easily you can de-stress, resolve conflicts, communicate what you need, and even enhance school and sports performance.

Honestly, it’s easier to be mindful when things are calm, but much harder when life is chaotic — yet that’s probably when we need it the most. That’s why it’s important to practice regularly, so we can strengthen that inner muscle of focus and calm.

Here’s another way to look at it:

Imagine a bottle filled with sand and water. When you shake the bottle, the sand and water get stirred up, making the water cloudy. When the bottle is left undisturbed, the sand settles and the water becomes clear again. Like the sand in water, when we get caught up in our thoughts and emotions, it can be difficult to see clearly, which impacts our perceptions and decision-making.

We are usually rushing from A to B, caught up in our to do list and the momentum of our day. 
We get tunnel visioned.
We forget to turn our attention inward to see how we’re feeling. 
If left unchecked, our thoughts, stress and strong emotions have a tendency to build momentum.

Practicing mindfulness will help us to become aware of this process, create some space between our thoughts, emotions and reactions, and allow ourselves the opportunity to settle.

How do you get started with mindfulness practices? By checking in!

Checking in is an effective mindfulness practice in itself, and often just by checking in and naming how we feel, the intensity of what we’re feeling is reduced, and we can gain both distance and perspective.  With something to think about  . . .