Attention 8th Grade Academic Challenge Team and any other interested 8th grader, the Scripps National Spelling Bee try-out is being held in Mrs. Mills' room on Monday January 13th at 2:45pm. Please stop by room 603 to get a study packet.





Are you sharing what you can?  Don’t forget to donate non-perishable foods to your grade level donation site by next Thursday.  At that time, all donated items will be delivered to St. Paul’s. In addition to providing these items to community members in need, St Paul’s church has started a large garden behind the church and networks with farmers and a local restaurant and is now in the process of becoming a charity with the possibility of teaching cooking and canning classes to food pantry recipients.  All of this is only possible through the donation of goods, food, and time. Yes, we can help. Please, SHARE WHAT YOU CAN. You can check the progress of your grade level by checking out the grocery bag posters hanging in the cafeteria.