Spring strength and conditioning will begin onMarch 9th.  Workouts will be everyMonday,Tuesday, andThursday from 2:50 - 4:15.  The program is for athletes not involved in a spring sport.


This week is National Entrepreneurship Week! In honor of all of the innovative entrepreneurs around the country and in our own town, we invite you to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. Over the next few days, look for over 200 entrepreneurship logos hidden around the building. Next week, turn them into the school store for a special drawing! 


There will be an ACT math review in Mr Slagle's room (402) from6-7 PM on Wed. March 18th,March 27 and April 8th.  You do not need to attend all three sessions.  Bring a graphing calculator and something to write with.  Sign up in room 402.


Winter weightlifting results: Deadlift

1. Colin Underwood - 550lbs.

2. Ethan Berlin - 530lbs.

2. Dylan Bodner - 530lbs.

3. Andrew Heberling - 525lbs.

4. Logan Segaard - 500lbs.

5. Kyle Sherman - 490lbs.


Conditioning for 8th grade track and field begins next Monday and Wednesday at the junior high from 3-4. Please change here at the high school first because you will not be allowed into the junior high until 3 pm. Dress warmly.