If you ordered a yearbook from last year, please see Mrs. Gilbert before or after school this week in the art room to pick it up.


The boys varsity soccer team defeated Edison last night 7-3. Scoring goals for the Rockets were

Nate Poiry (2), Tyler Bowlick, Liam Hall, Nick Damron, Allan Luecke, Holden Pelz.  Havaing assists were Luecke (2), Bowlick, Hall, Jeremy McClanahan. Saves were made by Kyle Draper 3Andy Buderer 1

The varsity girls soccer team also defeated Edison last night 7-1. Noelle Petersen, Alexa Weis each had 2 goals
. Abbie Mizelle, Ema Barton, and Kenzie Huntebrinker each added 1 goalAbbie Eoff, Maddie Rathbun, Ema Barton and Paige Velliquette each had an assist


Attention Seniors: College Recruiters will begin visiting our school this month. Please check the calendar in the Guidance Office periodically as new recruiters are often added.  If there is a school that you are interested in hearing more about, please add your name to the sign up sheet.  The meeting location will be announced at the time of the visit.  You will be responsible for completing any class work that you miss while attending the recruiting session.  Please see Mrs. Closson if you have any questions.


There will be an art club meeting in the art room direction after school thisThurs, September 3 to work on clay projects.  Please contact Mrs. Gilbert if you are not able to attend.