Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Tuesday, September 23, 2014




Congratulations to the new Johnny Appleseed & Apple Blossom!  


It’s Healthy Tip Tuesday!  Today is the first full day of fall and the healthy tip for the day is all about my most favorite season of the year.  The days are getting colder and that means we need to dress warmer.  Please bring a jacket or sweatshirt for recess.  We just don’t have enough in the clinic for everyone in the school to borrow one!  Make sure that when you come out of lunch you are careful to grab your jacket or sweatshirt and not someone else’s.  Bundle up R.C. Waters!


We’ve got the results from the first day of our Zoo Pal fundraiser...the fish and snake are tied for 3rd and 4th at $2 each next in 2nd place is the dove with $10 and our leader coming into today is the white lion with a whopping $42.25.  If you would like to bring in quarters and dollars this week to see your favorite animal win please make sure that you use an envelope that has “Zoo Pal’” and your animal of choice clearly written on the front.  If we can raise $200 R.C.Waters will be listed on a special plaque at the winning animal’s exhibit at the Toledo Zoo for one year.  How exciting!  



The twirler clinic, hosted by the Oak Harbor High School Majorettes is coming up this Sunday.  Registration forms are due today to the office.  


3rd graders - keep working on those fire escape drawings.  Besides being an important part of your family’s safety plan, there is a contest and two winners will be chosen from each homeroom.  Let’s get planning!  


Make the day great R.C.Waters!