Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Friday, September 22, 2017


Happy “Elephant Appreciation Day!”




Today we will have IAT Meetings.   


Twirl clinic forms have gone out and are due next Friday.  


The mini-cheer clinic is tomorrow.  Please be ready, responsible and respectful and have lots of fun!  


3rd grade friends, I have given your teachers a schedule which starts next week for R.C.’s Cage Caretakers.  I will include the caretakers of the day in my morning announcements.  We had a great response to this program!  Please make sure that we stick to the schedule.  If you come down and it’s not your day you will have to wait until your turn.  We love that you are excited to help!


Looking forward to next week... Next week is Spirit Week!    Monday is PJ or sweats day, Tuesday is Team Tuesday-wear your favorite team or jersey including Rocket Wear!  Wednesday is Wacky Tacky Day for your craziest outfit, Thursday is class color day and Friday is Rocket Spirit Wear Day!  Tuesday afternoon we also have a staff meeting and on Friday it’s the Color Run, Homecoming Game and Mini-Cheerleaders will be cheering their hearts out at the game.  GO ROCKETS!!


Today is a Rocket Pride Friday.  


Today I am going to change up my usual Rocket Pride section of the announcements.  Many of the staff members at RCW are wearing pink shirts with a flamingo on the front.  We did this for Mrs. Meinke.  This beautiful bird is a symbol of happiness, love and an open heart.  It encourages fun in life.  Flamingos remind us to be grateful and appreciate those around us.  It is very fitting that today as we remember Mrs. Meinke on her birthday, we celebrate all of these things.  She was ALL of these things.  Let’s make sure that we take time in our lives to love with an open heart, have fun and be grateful.   Be very grateful.


Alright R.C. Waters Family, let’s send a big happy birthday shout-out, and I mean a LOUD one, by way of our “Do Something Amazing” cheer all together on 3...1, 2, 3 - DO SOMETHING AMAZING!!   

Now I will ask you to please stand tall and proud, place your right hand over your heart and say the Pledge of Allegiance with today’s leader.  After we finish with the Pledge, they will lead us in singing the Fight Song!  GO ROCKETS!