Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Today is “Pink & Purple Day” in our celebration of colors.  Did you know that:

  • The color pink can increase a person’s heart-rate.

  • Pink is the most popular color in a gift of flowers

  • The color purple oftens stands for power and wisdom.

  • Purple calms us down (when pink works us up!) and encourages creativity.  

Tomorrow is “Brown Day!”  






Now I will ask everyone to please stand tall and proud, place your right hand over your heart and join our announcements leader in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  After we are finished with the Pledge we will get ready for our day with the “Rocket Rumble.”     


  • Today, what are we going to be?

  • Rocket Respectful!


  • What are we going to be?

  • Rocket Responsible!


  • What are we going to be?

  • Rocket Ready!


  • Who are we?

  • We are the Rockets!

Let’s have an INCREDIBLE day R.C. Waters!