Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Monday, November 12, 2018


Today is the observation of Veterans Day.  Veteran’s Day is always on November 11th, every year. Since that was yesterday, today is the day when the government shows appreciation for this day and we are able to recognize it here at school.  A veteran is someone who served in the military during war. You probably know one...maybe Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, aunts and uncles, neighbors: chances are there’s a veteran in your life. Veteran’s Day is a time to show them our gratitude.  Showing gratitude can be done in lots of ways.  You can honor our country’s history by reading or sharing information with others, helping our elders and those who are unable to do something for themselves and probably the easiest of all ways to show gratitude is to be kind. Tell a Veteran “thank you for your service.”  Some of our Veterans wear a hat which shows their role in the military. They are very proud and when we see someone wearing one of these hats, a nice sign of respect is to stop and thank them. Thanksgiving is the month of gratitude and Veteran’s Day is an important time to be grateful.  We are all grateful for our military and Veterans every day. Thank you for your service.




Here is our lineup for this week’s morning announcement leaders:






Today is the first day of our Holiday Bureau Food Drive.  We will collect boxed and canned food items as well as bathroom and home items through Friday.  You are making a great difference in our community R.C. Waters!


Mrs. Byington’s class will enjoy a Learn With Me Day today.  Have fun!


Now I will ask everyone to please stand tall and proud, place your right hand over your heart and join me in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.  After we are finished with the Pledge we will get ready for our day with the “Rocket Rumble.”  


  • Today, what are we going to be?

  • Rocket Respectful!


  • What are we going to be?

  • Rocket Responsible!


  • What are we going to be?

  • Rocket Ready!


  • Who are we?

  • We are the Rockets!

Let’s have an INCREDIBLE day here at R.C. Waters!!