Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Friday, December 12, 2014






Did you know that Oak Harbor was the founding home of the Gordon Lumber Company and the Oak Harbor Basket Company?  The village also saw many other businesses come through including a glove and mitten factory, a glass factory, buggy factories, a whip factory, cigar factories, hatcheries, hardwares, blacksmith shops, banks, hotels, coal yards, tile yards, brick yards, dairies, saloons, and general stores. The Thierwechter Company, founded in 1867 and moved here in 1877, was one of the largest general stores in the county. Another, the Kramb Company Store, dating from at least 1875, had the various dry goods, grocery, and clothing departments found at most general stores. It also had an ice house and a blacksmith shop.  Remember that learning about the history of our community is one way we can share our “Rocket Pride.”  

We are on the 3rd day of our 8 days of Christmas for the Staff Members.  Many of our are wearing our "ugly" sweaters. This is fun!  Thanks to the social committee for organizing so many exciting holiday events!

We’re just about ready for the first class to head down to the Santa Shop.  Let’s remember to be polite, use our please and thank-you’s and walk throughout the gym.  Each class has 20 minutes so we don’t want to waste any time.  Thank you to all of the vendors and to the organizing committee for bring us Santa Shop!    


Looking ahead to next week…on Monday and Tuesday we have our holiday performances.  Friday we will go a’caroling in our PJ’s...that’s right - it’s PJ Day!  YAY!! That will be our last day until next year - January that is!  



Make the day & your weekend great R.C. Waters!