Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Monday, December 15, 2014






Our word of the month for December is “generosity.”  On Friday we had our annual Santa Shop.  This was a time for students to purchase Christmas gifts for loved ones.  Sharing gifts with someone is being generous.  You are giving someone a gift.  When you give someone a gift that you have wrapped, it comes with the gift of thought and love.  You put great thought into choosing a gift for that special someone, someone you love.  That means more than you realize.  Generosity is wonderful thing no matter how much money you spend.  


Tonight is the first night of our Holiday Song Festival.  Please remember the information that Mrs. Seibert has shared with you.  It is important to know where you should go tonight and what you should do.  We all look forward to seeing you shine on stage and sing with a smile!  


Last week the mini-cheer clinic forms went out and the form has also been posted on the RCW website.  The camp is on January 17th at the High School.

Make the day great R.C. Waters!!