Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Welcome back to one and all!  I hope you all enjoyed your extra long weekend.  I am very glad to be back with my R.C. Waters family. Let’s get our week started!  



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It’s Healthy Tip Tuesday!  

Do you use Q-Tips in your ears?  Today’s healthy tips are all about why you should not.  Many people use Q-Tips to try to remove the wax from their ear when actually you want to have some wax in your ears. The ear canal makes wax for a purpose. The wax in your ear waterproofs the ear canal and keeps water from going in and getting stuck. If you clean your ear with a Q-tip, that strips the wax and lets the water stay in.  Your ear drum is very delicate and it is very possible to damage it (even poke a hole through it) it with a Q-tip.  The tiniest bones in your body are underneath your eardrum and those are called the hammer, the anvil and the stirrup. If you press on those, it sends shock waves into the inner ear, and the inner ear is responsible for hearing and balance. So if you tap on the eardrum, you’re sending shock waves into the inner ear and you can cause problems with your hearing and balance.  Please, please, take good advice from someone who knows a lot about ear problems….don’t use Q-Tips!  And that’s your healthy tip for Tuesday!  



The yearbook sale is still going strong.  If you need another form please let us know.  The orders will be accepted through



March 2nd.  







There is a BLT meeting today after school.







Make your day great R.C.Waters!