Good morning R.C. Waters!


Today is Thursday, March 5, 2015


The countdown is over and the fun has begun.  It’s finally Dr. Seuss Day and we’re ready to run!  


Its also spring picture day and we hope you brought your best smile.  Remember to be patient in line, in case it’s more than a mile.  Your form is important so don’t leave it in the room and listen to the photographers so the line goes fast..zoom, zoom, zoom!  


Tomorrow is our spirit day and we love those days so.  Make sure to wear your rocket wear and say “Go Rockets Go!”  Red shirts, green shirts and rocket shirts for all.  We have school spirit - just look up and down the hall!  


Tomorrow we will gather in the gym one and all, to announce many fun things, fun things big and small.  Special guests are coming and I can’t hardly wait.  Make sure you on time - you’ll miss the fun if you are late!  The Principal of the Day will make his or her debut.  This person is a big winner and can’t wait to be in charge of you!  


We’ve come to the big day and we are all very happy.  I am so excited that my toes are getting tappy!  It’s Dr. Suess Story Night and the fun has begun but remember from before - if you’re late, it will be all done.  It all starts at 6 and the magic soon after, just make sure you are here for the stories and laughter.  The special guests are ready to share tales with you.  I promise you will love every room you’ll go through.  Then before you go home, pick your books out to take and don’t forget those memories you will be happy to make.  


Make the day great R.C. Waters!