Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Monday, March 23, 2015







Word of the Month

The word of the month for March is Fairness.  We have all said “that’s not fair” and probably too many times to count!  It’s okay - we don’t always have to agree that things in life happen fairly.  There are games we don’t win but maybe should have.  There are presents we would like to have but never receive.  There are cool experiences and trips we would like to go on but cannot.  It’s okay for life not to be fair all of the time.  We learn some of our best lessons from times that are not fair.


Joke of the Day selection




Art to Remember

Our Art to Remember orders are due by tomorrow!  I love all of the different things you can have made - night lights, placemats, lunch bags, aprons and so much more!  


Volunteer Appreciation Night

The doors will open at the high school at 6:00 pm for Volunteer Appreciation Night.  There will be free pizza and everyone is welcome to swim.  The walking track will be open as well.  There will also be raffles and prizes to win!  A big thank you to all of our volunteers!  

Make the day great R.C. Waters!!