Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Friday, May 29, 2015





Mrs. W’s class is going on a field trip today!  What a great day to go to the African Wildlife Safari!  Enjoy your day!  


Ivy’s Benefit

A benefit to help the family of 1st grader Ivy Moss will be held on Saturday May 30 at Camp Sabroske.  There will be fun games, great food and more with all of the money raised to help Ivy’s family.  


Today is Rocket Pride Friday...last week we learned all about Mrs. Jensen.  The 4th and final retiree in our “fabulous retirees of R.C” series is Mrs. White.  Mrs. White and Mr. White have two children.   Tiffany is a former teacher who is now a stay at home mom enjoying her days with her two children.  Mrs. and Mrs. White’s son lives in Port Clinton and works at Zinc Calls.  Mrs. White graduated from Bowling Green State University.  She began her teaching career at St. Louis Custar School and then she was a graduate assistant for a year while completing her masters degree at Bowling Green.   In 1981 Mrs. White came to BCS as a Title 1 Reading Teacher and helped many students strengthen their reading skills over the next 6 years.  She then taught Reading Recovery from 1987 to 2000.  Mrs. White has dedicated her final 15 years teaching First Grade at RC Waters.   If we complete our addition as she has taught many of us to do, we will come up with 42 years as a teacher!  She has enriched many, many lives in those 42 years!  Mrs. White loves to cook, garden, read, shop and of course spend time with her beautiful children and grandchildren.  In her retirement she plans to continue working part time and wants to travel and spend more time with her grandchildren!  Thank you Mrs. White for your many years of dedication, encouragement, laughter and kindness.  We appreciate every moment and wish you the very best retirement brings you!  Congratulations Mrs. White!

Looking forward to next week…tomorrow is the benefit for Ivy and her family at Camp Sabroske.  Join the fun and help one of R.C. Water’s very own.  Keep fighting Ivy!  Next week the 3rd graders will spend time with the Kids on the Block and each grade will enjoy a presentation by the Oak Harbor Library.  Thursday, our last day of school, is Talent Show Day!  The curtain will go up at 8:30 and the acts will take the stage - well, actually the gym floor.  Keep practicing your routines! During the Talent Show the winning ticket will be selected for the chandelier raffle.  Then it’s “School’s Out for Summer!”  


Yesterday we celebrated the retirement of Mrs. Gruber with a surprise assembly.  Thank you to everyone who helped bring it all together - it was absolutely wonderful.  Today is Mrs. Gruber’s last day here.  We wish her the very best in her future because she made sure we had the very best here at R.C.Waters.  Congratulations!  

Make the day, your weekend & your retirement great R.C. Waters!