Good morning R.C. Waters!

Today is Thursday, June 4, 2015


Last day of school lunch in the cafeteria includes a cold cut sandwich.  Bon Appetit!  


The talent show will begin at 8:30 in the gym.  Please bring your listening ears and your clapping hands.  Let’s have a great show!  


Today is the last day of school.  For the last few months whenever I have thought about the last day of school, I have also considered the changes that lie before us.  All of us experience change in our lives. Change is the one thing that is always there.   There are changes that we look forward to and change that we fear. However, one thing is for sure. Things will not stay the same no matter how much we would like them too. When a life change occurs, we have two choices in how to respond. We can despair that a change has come and assume that things will be worse, or we can look with excitement at the new possibilities that the change presents.  As we end this school year and say goodbye to our 3rd graders moving on to the middle school and our teachers and administrators who are retiring or moving on we have great change ahead of us.  Let’s be excited for those taking on new paths in life, wherever it will lead them.  Let’s also be excited for the new staff members who will join us in August as we welcome them to the R.C. Waters family.  Change can be amazing if we let it be just that.  Here’s to the future R.C. Waters!!  

Make the day great R.C. Waters!