Welcome to the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

This department oversees the district's curriculum and links teachers and other instructional staff with the resources and support they need to help students achieve in a standards-based educational system.
The responsiblities of the Director include: aligning curriculum to Ohio Standards, developing and supporting standards-based curriculum across the district, implementing effective instruction and assessment strategies to meet students' differentiated learning styles and needs, and providing professional development that demonstrates a commitment to educational excellence and aligns with the district's plans.

Curriculum Contacts:
Dr. Guy Parmigian, Superintendent
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Cheryl Harder, Secretary
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Resident Educator
Ohio requires a comprehensive, high-quality multi-year induction and mentoring program for beginning teachers.
The goals of the new Resident Educator (RE) program include:

- Support and encourage a successful transition into the profession;
- Use research-based data and the Standards for Ohio Educators as a foundation for all aspects of program design and implementation;
- Focus on enhanced teaching effectiveness supported by continuous improvement at an accelerated rate;
- Support successful mentoring practices with strategic planning and formative assessments of programs;
- Ensure that the schedules of mentors enable effective planning, conferencing, and professional development in collaboration with the assigned resident educators;
- Shelter beginning teachers from inappropriate workloads including the most difficult teaching assignments and working conditions; and
- Create and sustain a community of professional practice through collaboration.

 Curriculum/Learning Areas

Benton-Carroll-Salem Local Schools uses the Ohio Department of Education's Academic Content Standards as the foundation to develop all courses of study. This ensures that written curriculum, classroom instruction, and assessments of learning all match -- an alignment that research suggests makes a powerful impact on student achievement.

Textbooks and materials for B-C-S go through a curriculum-alignment process too. Committees made up of teachers, administrators, and parents participate in reviewing textbooks from various companies to determine how well they align with the standards and just as important, how well they meet the needs of our student population.

Furthermore, B-C-S incorporates the academic content standards into professional development activities, focusing on teaching strategies and assessments. Waiver days are used to assist teachers and administrators in the buildings and across the district with effective instruction and assessment strategies all aligned to our district's Ohio Improvement, Race to the Top, and Response to Intervention Plans.

2010 Academic Content Standards


Race to the Top Communications

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Race to the Top Grant Entering Final Year
This year marks the fourth and final year for the Race to the Top Grant. Benton Carroll Schools was able to use the grant funds in the 2012-13 school year for the following professional development expenditures:
Grades 7-13 teachers of English Language Arts and Grades 3-12 teachers of Mathematics attended training on the new learning standards and the shifts in instructional focus necessary to implement them well.
Many teachers across the district were able to work collaboratively to create learning targets, align current resources, and establish initial plans for implementation of Ohio's new learning standards.
Six teachers completed mentor training; mentors are required for new teachers under Ohio's Resident Educator Program.
Informative sessions on the new Teacher Evaluation System were provided.
Formative Assessment workshops were presented.
Six teachers participated in the regional consortium to create student learning objectives.
Building principals and three teachers became trainers for Ohio's modules on student learning objectives.
Attendance of representatives at state and regional workshops to increase understanding of the numerous Ohio initiatives.
The remaining funds from this $100,000.00 grant will be used this year for continued professional development.

For the 2013-14 school year, B-C-S has developed the following Race to the Top action steps:

Review the universal screener for Math.
Fully implement the new evaluation instrument for teachers and principals.
Begin training on and transitioning to the state's Instructional Improvement System.
Recruit and send additional mentors to required Teacher Residency training.
Complete curriculum plans for new learning standards.
Fully implement Ohios new learning standards.

B-C-S is committed to continuous improvement and will continue to race to the top in pursuit of an "Excellence with Distinction" designation, and more importantly ... success in the 21st century for every B-C-S student!

 Information and Forms:
3rd Grade Reading Guarantee (PDF)
BCS Progress Monitoring (PDF)
Race to the Top (PDF)

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